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Click on the titles below to read MoShang's notes about some of the tracks on Chill Dynasty. We're nagging him to complete notes for all the tracks. Come back soon to check on his progress! In the meantime, here are his notes for:
1. contain
5. gentle beauty
13. tall tale
2. my last duchess
6. comfortzone
14. soli
3. nun other
7. easy
4. smoke
9. next in line

I came to Taiwan with very little musical equipment besides a soprano saxophone (turns out the instrument was probably made here – I’ve heard almost 90% of cheaper saxophones sold worldwide are manufactured in Taiwan). I did have some recordings I had made of my Duusman bandmate Jako Loots’ djembe playing. As soon as I got a computer (of course, Taiwan is also PC Paradise!) I started working with these djembe tracks and featured Jako’s playing on "Waiting For The Bus" from Made


In Taiwan. Jako’s performance of Soli, a traditional djembe song of the Maninka people of Guinea, served as the basis for this track. As is usual for me, I launched into it with no idea of the history of the original, and I guess it would have turned out differently had I known that the Soli dance is associated with circumcisions and exci- sions... I have to thanks Bilegt at Arslanstudios for setting me straight; the vocals are Mongolian and not some weird dialect of Chinese!