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Click on the titles below to read MoShang's notes about some of the tracks on Chill Dynasty. We're nagging him to complete notes for all the tracks. Come back soon to check on his progress! In the meantime, here are his notes for:
1. contain
5. gentle beauty
13. tall tale
2. my last duchess
6. comfortzone
14. soli
3. nun other
7. easy
4. smoke
9. next in line
Nun Other

In this midtempo track, two nuns sing/chant a traditional Buddhist funeral mantra. It is contrasted with male Chinese opera vocals. In Taiwan, funeral ceremonies often take place on the street in large, rectangular, yellow tents. This funeral was just up the street from where I was living in Yong-Shing Road in Dali, Taichung. It carried on for a couple of days and it was loud... On the last day, I finally managed to find time to record these nuns – with some trepidation, since it’s considered


bad luck to even look at a funeral. It was a rainy evening and I was outside the tent in the street so as not to disturb the proceedings. Eerie and beautiful! For a change, I've left some of the original recording at the end of the song as a play-out and you can hear cars and scooters driving past me on the wet road. The track was a finalist in the Dance / Electronica category of the 2005 / 2006 International Songwriting Compe- tition.