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onse plate
Onse Plate (Afrikaans for Our Records) is a small independent label, dedicated to bringing you music that is progressive, unusual and beautiful.
onse plate

Onse Plate was born out of necessity in 2000 as a home for the releases of Duusman, the Afrikaans art-rock band of which MoShang was the lead singer. Rather than give up when more established labels were skeptical, MoShang and band mates Misha and Jako Loots decided to go it alone. This “can do” attitude caused one reviewer to remark, “Duusman’s independent label ‘Onse Plate’ […] proves once again that where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Incidentally, Onse Plate is also


the name of MoShang’s studio. Besides Duusman and MoShang, Onse Plate has been involved with the Afrikaans pop-duo 12Hz, and with solo artists such as South African folk singer Anika, and guitarist Albert Frost.

For distribution, Onse Plate has teamed up Rhythm Records (12Hz – Nou) and CD Baby (Made in Taiwan and Chill Dynasty). Onse Plate releases are available from various online stores, including Apple iTunes, Yahoo! Music, MSN Music and Napster.