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Click on the titles below to read MoShang's notes about some of the tracks on Chill Dynasty. We're nagging him to complete notes for all the tracks. Come back soon to check on his progress! In the meantime, here are his notes for:
1. contain
5. gentle beauty
13. tall tale
2. my last duchess
6. comfortzone
14. soli
3. nun other
7. easy
4. smoke
9. next in line
Next In Line

This track started off sounding quite different from the final version – a lot more beatsy and busy. When I received Sonja’s vocal tracks, I started playing around with the arrangement - cutting here, pruning there. I really wanted the track to be more intimate, direct, open and spacey with the focus firmly on the vocal. Finally, I  


ditched the original track completely and started from scratch with just the vocal. I sent the track to my friend, Adriaan Brand (who played Rhodes on "After Hours" from Made in Taiwan), in South Africa and he added some lovely, delicate piano lines. I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out.


Next in line

Disconnected, the line from the patterns
The taste of the wonder
The trace of the lover
Drift away by our wills
No conscious no thrills
Just let it flow
Let it flow

Reconnected, the path of the gladness
The sense of the wonder
I’ll pray for the lover
Find a way to exhale
No hatred no guilt
Just let it go
Let it go


When words unfold to a common ground
You will see the future stands alone
It’s telling you the past just had to be gone
You’ll find a place you belong

Fascination, the world of self-conscious
The truth is discovered
I’m drifting in water
Not a place to go home
I’m here on my own
I’m letting go
I’m letting go

lyrics by Sonja V.