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Click on the titles below to read MoShang's notes about some of the tracks on Chill Dynasty. We're nagging him to complete notes for all the tracks. Come back soon to check on his progress! In the meantime, here are his notes for:
1. contain
5. gentle beauty
13. tall tale
2. my last duchess
6. comfortzone
14. soli
3. nun other
7. easy
4. smoke
9. next in line
Comfort Zone

Everyone has their comfort zone; welcome to mine! This laidback track features the sheng (Chinese mouth organ), the distant trickle of bamboo chimes and vocals courtesy of a male Chinese opera performer. The track was completed soon after the release of Made In Taiwan in 2004 and has  


had a life of it’s own as a free download on various music websites. Since the response to the track has really been good and since the track had served as a kind of template for the chilled feel of the new album, I felt it deserved to be included on Chill Dynasty.