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Click on the titles below to read MoShang's notes about some of the tracks on Chill Dynasty. We're nagging him to complete notes for all the tracks. Come back soon to check on his progress! In the meantime, here are his notes for:
1. contain
5. gentle beauty
13. tall tale
2. my last duchess
6. comfortzone
14. soli
3. nun other
7. easy
4. smoke
9. next in line

I met Sonja V. on MySpace whilst looking for vocal collaborators. Sonja lives in Taipei, so it would be an easy hop over from Taichung to record the vocals in a studio there. I was really blown away when I heard what Sonja had


come up with for "Easy" – she’d nailed the light, summery feel exactly as I had imagined it and had added a childlike sense of wonder that really suited the track. 



You came along like a child with your dream
I’d leave you walking beside me
We drew a picture of love and it seems
The words are walking behind me

I’ll pick the stars from the backyard you can
Send in the stars on a postcard
I’ll sing a song for the moon so you can
Fly in our dreams when the night comes

I fell in love with the child in my dream
And in the air you’re surrounding
We find a way to escape and it seems
The stars are walking behind me

lyrics by Sonja V.