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BlueShogun [www] said:
Nice music by both Steve and Pug. Good job by Pug on mix order for Cds. It seems talented people travel in packs-lol. Good job to all 3 of you.

Added: 25th June 06, 10:34am

mick stupp [www] said:
Ah MoShang, a very fine album! Congratulations again on the release. And thank you for the wonderful music. It's made a difference, helped me through the last few stressful days :)!!!It is excellent throughout. I agree completely with Sir Pug... there is no need to sift through the bad to get to the good. It is all top quality in every way.Thank you again for the music. And best wishes for the album's success. Best regards

Added: 23rd June 06, 03:06am

pug [www] said:
Hey Bro!!!CONGRATULATIONS on the release of your second album. Now the first one has something else to keep it company in my favourites list! Dude.., i been waiting for this album for so long it seems (LOL), that im getting the CD in the post (hardcopy is always nice for the hifi collection) and ive also just started downloading it too.. heheheWell, heaven knows im not too patient.And thats another thing i love about your music.. i dont have to sift thru any trash to hear the good stuff. its ALL good stuff!cant wait to check it out with my new speakers bro..thanks for some of the coolest music on the planet btw!peace & fine grooves!pug (and mrs trix x)

Added: 20th June 06, 03:49am

Alvie [www] said:
Just found out about you on Mark Forman's cast. I really dig what you have going on. Beautiful stuff. BTW, is it the Matsu Temple in Lugang that is the answer to the trivia question?

Added: 20th June 06, 03:12am

Jack H [www] said:
The Sheng, is the instrument you are looking for from the podcast with the Bluesman.

Added: 19th June 06, 09:56am